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United States
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Hello whoever decided to come onto my profile. You are very loved by me<3
My name is Lacey and I live on the East Coast of USA.
My hobbies are dance, reading, writing, photography, and listening to music. :) I'm your typical (16) year old teenage girl.
I'm usually a good girl and take decent photos, [So if you're looking for nudes, you're in the wrong place]. I prefer taking photos of plants and animals, but I'll take some of myself too. I hope to upload some of my writing as well as photos, but I'm a huge'll see(;
I'm bisexual and I support gay marriage. :) But I am currently single, and not really looking for anyone at the moment.
Yes, I took down the sorta more 'risque' and sexual-ish (if you can call them that) photos. It just didn't sit right with me having them here.

Favourite cartoon character: Joker and Batman:D
Personal Quote: "Hogwarts will always Be there to welcome you home."
One thing I love about sleepovers is the total bitch fests that go on as we lay down to sleep. My mother always tells me that she stays away from them, because what goes around comes around. Odds are, if I'm talking about someone behind their back, they're talking about me. I say go ahead. Personally, if you can't bitch to your friends, who can you bitch to?

I've learned a couple things from these heated sessions of complaining:

1) People are absolute idiots.
      -I don't care how intelligent someone claims to be. They will do some stupid shit in their lifetime. They can be an absolute genius and still be a f-ing retard when they are with their friends. They can try as hard as they want to seem mature, but I know that they do stupid things all the time.

2) Sometimes, people are really confused.
     -And I'm not talking ditzy-not good listening type confused. I mean with their lives. With their sexual preferences, with /everything/. Which is okay. That's what life is for- figuring out your life. [But I've dubbed some people "hetero-bi-lesbians", because that's how confused they seem.]

3) Life is fucking awesome, despite all the petty drama that goes on.
     -I mean, come on. We all complain about drama, but how drab would our lives be without it? We'd live in a world where everyone eats rainbows and poops butterflies. Things would get old real fast. And then we'd complain that we were perpetually bored.

So, yeah, sleepovers always end up being a fucking good time. Even if the majority of it consists of shoveling a ridiculous amount of food in our mouths and talking about things we don't like.


Also, I learned that cartwheeling down a hill, no matter how small, is never a good idea. :)
  • Listening to: The Lion's Roar- by First Aid Kit
  • Reading: Like Water for Chocolate

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